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"Baby you're a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruissseeeee."

Every time I think of the word "cruise" I think of this song. They say that a cruise is one of the cheapest vacation options "one" could have. They don't mention that a cruise isn't meant for "one" person. If you want to book a cruise, you have to book for two people. Sucks right? So you could end up paying on average $212.80 per day, per passenger. So for a five-day cruise, it could be up to $2,128.00. For that price I better see Jesus walk on water.

Why can't they offer cabins for just one person? There are people out there who would love to go on vacations on their own, to reflect or just because they might be single or have no one to go on a trip with.

Society has a tendency to behave like you SHOULD be in a relationship. People have too much interest in other peoples lives. They have too much time to gossip, and they are obsessed with "Society Norms."

Society is organized around the family unit since when you are not in a relationship you tend to stand out from others. They justify it by stating you need to make sure you have a replacement for the next generation.

Very rare do you hear people putting the importance on why it is good to stay single, for a certain amount of time. Or why it could be good to learn to treat yourself and find out what YOU like. Taking trips on your own, gaining independence and getting habits out your system that won't work when you are paired with someone else.

Psychologists claim that Single people are more fulfilled. Single people are more connected to family and friends, whereas relationships or marriage tend to make two people, insular.

My point is, don't let people or society make you think that you need a relationship, RIGHT NOW. Take care of you first, learn how to love yourself. A lot of people feel like they need to continually be with someone else and that isn't normal.

Once you learn how to love YOU, you will know how to love others and never settle for anything less because you'll know your worth.

I've always wanted to go on a cruise, but I've seen so many Final Destination movies, and read up on trips that went bad, and it has made me paranoid. I also can't swim, and I'm like 6 foot one. Have you seen an anchor float?? It would be The Titanic Part two: Urban Legend with me out there. Like Mrs.Doubtfire said, "They outlawed Whaling."

All jokes aside, I think everyone deserves a vacation. Whether it is a stay-cation or an actual trip away from everything. I would highly recommend going to Colorado, I heard the experience there is Unbeweedable.


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