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Dicks Sporting Goods

Cycling is a great way to get into shape. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, it is a fantastic way to know right off the bat, that your fat ass shouldn't have had Olive Garden's unlimited Pasta bowl the day before.

A friend of mine suggested that we cycle together a few days out of the week. I was all for it because I needed a gym partner that could hold me accountable and make sure I was showing up to the classes. I was super excited and decided to go to Dicks Sporting Goods to shop around and get some of the clothing I would need for the class. They recommend moisture-wicking clothing or cycling clothes.

I made my way to the cycling section and noticed that they had cycling shoes for sale along with their bike shorts. I quickly found my size, and something told me to just go ahead and try them on before I made that purchase. Bike shorts are an excellent choice for cycling because they have a cushion in the crotch area made to sit on top of the bike. Unfortunately, when I put those shorts on It made it look like I had a D*** and that I was trying to sport MY GOODS. I am SO glad that I tried those on before I made the purchase. I ended up buying two pairs of tights and four shirts. I saw Carrie Underwood had her line of tights, but they were priced at $69.99 each. She better Un Un Un Un UNdo it! I ended up going with a no brand name pair and got two of them for the same price as hers. I was ready for this class.

I felt good about myself because I was in decent shape. I train MMA on the side so how hard could this class be? The environment was very energetic, and I wasn't quite sure if I was ready for it. Crazy how we are programmed to not understand or accept positive energy at times. The teacher was super helpful for my first time by making sure my seat was adjusted to the level that it needed to be on. She also helped me clip in my cycling shoes and switched out my arm weights(for the arm workout part of the ride).

10 minutes into the class I was like OMG, I don't know if I can do this any longer. We climbed up so many "Hills," I was positive we were on Mount Everest. "OK! That is the end of the warm-up lets ride!", Said, my instructor. That was the WARM-UP? Other than my first regret in taking the class, because I was super tired. I truly enjoyed it. The music was lit, the instructor was crunk, and a lot of the ride was dancing. The class lasted about 45 minutes, and once I got off the bike, my legs were self-twerking. The instructor talked to me afterward and asked me If I wanted to try their advanced class. I was like, this isn't the advanced class? She laughed, and so did I to play off what I guess was an actual serious question.

Other than the fact, the class had me exhausted; I enjoyed it because not only do the instructors walk you through the workout, they say a lot of words to motivate and uplift you. Sometimes encouragement coming from the least expected places hit home. Someone who didn't even know me told me that I could do it and that I was going to make it. Even my internal thoughts weren't nearly as confident as what was being said to me during my ride.

No matter how bad you feel, whether that depression crept in again or you just had a negative day, try and speak over yourself. Just tell yourself one positive thing and repeat it over and over. We are around more negative energy than we are positive. We have friends that dump their problems on us, we work jobs where we strive to resolve their issues in addition to our personal issues we push to the back burner. It is easy to forget about yourself, and I find myself doing that almost on a daily basis.

When I left that class, other than feeling tired I felt somewhat motivated. I turned on my car and started driving back home. A song came on called, "You Will, By Andy Mineo." The lyrics resonated with me, " I know you will, even when they say you won't I know you will. There is nothing you cant do, Nothing in this world too big for you, So when they say you cant, I know you will."

I have experienced loss and pain like no other, but I was so motivated after that workout followed by a song that helped lift my spirits even higher.

No matter what you are going through, try to do one thing that day to refocus your mind and your thoughts. Make it a routine. Even if you have to have a friend hold you accountable, do what you have to do. That feeling I had stayed with me for the rest of the night. I didn't know how much I needed that energy until I had it.

What a powerful day.


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