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Push Down insecurities

One of the many perks of being a woman is our bodies. Don't you just love doing physical activities and realizing you aren't wearing the correct bra?

I go to a boxing class once or twice a week depending on my health, or plans. One of the things my coach continually repeats is to "Keep it tight," meaning to keep your hands and arms boxed in and as close to your body as possible for protection. He always shouts this out at me, but I don't think he takes in the consideration that my chest stands out like 8 inches. Like coach, trust me when I say, my elbows are touching my chest, they best friends.

Or when I am in a cycling class, and I'm sprinting on the bike. Like you see a lot of women that want bigger breasts and invest in push-up bras, but they really need to make push-DOWN bras.

Like did you know there is a high percent chance that women will not work out, due to not finding a good-fitting sports bra, and are embarrassed by their breast movement and size?

Does body Shaming have anything to do with it? I always found it weird how women are encouraged to hide their body, but men aren't.  I can go to a gym and expect to see multiple men working out with shirts off, getting sweat everywhere and not cleaning up after themselves. But God forbid, a woman works out in a workout bra and leggings. It's too distracting, but for who?

How as a society, do we expect people to love themselves, especially women, if we can't let them love and appreciate every curve, scar, and stretch-mark. These insecurities build up, and we second guess ourselves or compare ourselves to the beauty standard.

Women are publically shamed for breastfeeding, the most natural thing a woman can do because of too much exposure, or they need to go to it privately.

Body Positivity isn't portrayed enough, for both men and women, but mostly women.

A lot of people think we shouldn't encourage all body types, because it isn't healthy, if so, then we shouldn't shame them either. We need to motivate and help and lead by example.

Everyone deals with insecurities, and it hurts whenever you put someones under a microscope.

If you have big boobs, embrace them. Hell, sometimes when I'm standing, and I will just lay my head on them. I just am standing there putting my head on my boobs, and I can literally fall asleep like that.LOL.

They also need to start making more wardrobe for more prominent women, as we come in all shapes or sizes. Not everyone can wear skinny jeans, as those are made for more lean bodies, they need to come out with THICK jeans.

I wear basketball shorts to boxing practice because a lot of the MMA shorts they make for women aren't prepared for big booties. I know the men I train with aren't used to butts like mine, as they are always shouting for me to put my butt down during planks. That is all natural sir, This ain't no deflate-gate BIH.

But all jokes aside, I think it is important to push aside your insecurities and embrace YOU. Forget everything else, and just LOVE (YOU)RSELF. We have to find out what works for us, whether it is changing our style of clothing, or implementing new things into our daily regimen.

Remember, there are toxic people out there who will body shame us, or make everything worse. When you are around people who invite drama or negative energy into your life, that also can affect you physically. Always remember to take care fo you.

SO for all my women out there, find the best sports bra, change your diet, and improve your boob confidence. Go out there and do something for you!


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