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Modern Slavery

It was a typical day. My job wanted to coordinate a team builder outside of work since we very seldom hung out. We ended up getting tickets to a Rockets game. The seats were so far up, any row higher we would have seen Jesus and his 12 Disciples. I kept forgetting I wasn't on a roller coaster, that's how high up we were. Luckily, I was able to invite my best friend due to the last minute call out from our manager. I was super excited since I worked with mostly guys, it was going to be nice to have another woman around. I was also happy my manager wasn't coming, she was faker than press on nails.

I picked my best friend up on the way to the game; She wanted to get amped up on our way there. I was playing my typical playlist, and she suggested we listened to her music. As soon as she plugged in her phone, the song "Modern Slavery" came on. I probably should have mentioned that my beautiful best friend is Caucasian :). As I was driving, I turned and looked at her and asked her if I needed to pull over or if we needed to talk before we journeyed any further. She explained that her phone automatically went to that song. I insisted that she was trying to send me a message in a not so subtle way. Naturally, I was joking, but it was an amusing moment to share with her that day. I later listened to the song and to be honest I had no idea what it was saying. But I thought about the title and felt like Modern Slavery was something that existed today.

We are trained to help achieve other peoples dreams. We are taught to go to College right after secondary school and to get a degree in a field and start a career. Work hard until you're 65 and then retire. Sounds like the life right? Working for 65 years? Let’s face it, most of us are miserable.

We have a tendency to associate slavery with Chattel slavery, which is what we have learned in school. Most people do not realize that wage labor is a form of slavery. Cicero, from Ancient Rome, stated that "Whoever gives his work for money sells himself and puts himself in the rank of slaves." We basically have a renter dictating our wage instead of enjoying the fruits of our own labor that we produce.

Yes, you may work a 9-5. You might make $12-$20 an hour. But you're waking up at 6:45-7 Am to be ready by 7:50. Then you commute to work between 7:50-8:00 Am to be at work by 9. You never get off work on time, you end up clocking out at about 5:30 Pm, ah cue the traffic, you aren't home until 7 pm. So you have dedicated 12 hours to someone Else's work/dream. That leads you with very little personal time. If you are a parent, I can only imagine how much harder your day must be. If you are married, I can't believe the energy you have to give, when you have given it all at work. If you are married and with kids, I hope the Force and God are with you. If I were you, I'd force my butt out of that situation pronto.

If you got on your social media and put, "I got the job" you would have tons of likes and "Congratulations" or "Where at" comments. But post, “I started my own business," and watch how much support you get. We are literally programmed to support the rich but not each other or even ourselves. We won't help our friend local businesses, we brush it off to the side, we lowkey think it's dumb, or we think it'll fail. In other words, we end up hating a more than likely unique idea. If you are on the other side of it, where you are trying to make it with your thoughts, or goals, NEVER give up. Don't listen to the negativity or embrace the norms. Follow your gut instinct and do you.

If you have a dream, go for it. Remember, someone had an idea to create the "pool noodle,” and now they are a multi-millionaire. So there isn't an idea that is too dumb or too silly. If working 9-5 works for you, then do what makes you happy. But don't limit yourself to what other people tell you, you should do.

For example, I have a brother in Florida, who is lowkey trying to be a model. I think he is cute of course, he is my brother. He is always throwing up Wakanda signs in his photos. I told him since he is of a lighter skin complexion, he is from WellKinda. He looks like a cross between Killmonger(his hair) and M'Baku. So I call him, M'bucktooth. If M'bucktooth wants to be a model, then that's fine. I support him.

Always make sure that you are doing something that makes YOU happy, don't become a robot or someone who is just going through the motions. Take those shackles off and take control of your life. Love yourself and Be YOU.


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