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Parental Controls

I have a 64-year-old mother who isn't tech savvy. Surprise Surprise.

 I really wish that they could simplify technology for the older folks out there. The remote control is way too advanced for them. 79 different buttons for them to try and read and then they call you multiple times while you're at work trying to figure out how to "turn the damn tv on."

So I pitched an Idea to a cable company on how they should simplify the guide for our older generation so they could no longer be weary and have some type of independence when it was time for them to find "Family Feud."

Whenever my mother learns technology, she gets super excited. My dad used to be the same way. Once you taught them something over a hundred times, they would finally remember how to do it. And as long as you wrote it down, highlighted it and circled it six times they could never really forget how to do the steps on their own. Then you would save it in your notes, where you put that notebook because they would lose it once a week and the whole cycle would reset itself. Or better yet, after the hundredth time of a repeated sequence, you typed the notes and would have 50 copies laid out in your printer, to continuously replace the text they would magically lose, which you know they lost when they called you and asked you once again, how to find their tv show.

I like Xfinity because they introduced the voice control option on their remotes. So all you have to do is say what you want, and the show comes on. Simple right?

So last night, I kissed my mother goodnight as I usually do. She was already asleep, but as I was pulling her glasses off of her face, she started to wake up. I told her to give me the gum she had in her mouth because she was notorious for getting it in her hair or on the bed sheets. She spat it out into my hand and reclosed her eyes as I told her to go back to sleep. "Ok sugar" she replied. I looked back at her and thought to myself how cute she was when she was asleep. As soon as I stepped around the corner, I heard. "Married At First Sight." So I peeked in her room and saw her speaking into the tv remote trying to get it to turn to her latest favorite show. I sighed and walked back to my room. So much for tucking her in. As soon as I laid down, I received an email from Xfinity on Demand, thanking me for my recent purchase of " Married/Second Chances 112 Hd movie for $2.99".

Apparently, my mother made a purchase accidentally, while trying to find her tv show. Bless her heart, I thought to myself. I couldn't be upset. The day before, she was so excited to finally have  “figured” out the tv.

So I decided to burst her bubble like she just burst my wallet. I'm a businesswoman, small orders of $2.99 could really add up after awhile. I heard her telling the tv multiple times to find her show. I could only imagine 100 other charges of this. I went into her room and let her know what she had done and enabled parental controls to prevent her from making accidental purchases again.

"Parental Controls" needs to be changed to "Control Parent."


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