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Pray It Forward

Everyone knows the saying, "Do unto others, as you would like them to do unto you." Or "What goes around comes back around."

You might believe in God, or you might believe in Karma. You might even believe in both. I am a firm believer in getting back what you put out into this world.

I have always sowed my seed in church, to my friends and by taking care of both of my parents, and now just my mother. Rest In Peace Daddy. The majority of my expenses have always gone towards food because my parents wanted fast food a lot. My parents were older and were both retired and disabled. It was my duty, to occasionally run errands and grab them bites to eat around my working schedule. Since they were on a fixed income, I always found myself never getting reimbursement for the money I spent. It wasn’t their fault, and If I had to do it all over again, I would.

There have been many circumstances where I had fallen short on cash, and miraculously still managed a way to get through the week and have all of my bills accounted for and paid.

One day, I wanted to treat myself out for lunch, I had about $12.00 on one card, and about $50.00 on another and my payday was just around the corner. So I knew that I could splurge a bit. Sometimes you gotta TREAT YO SELF.

So I drove to Chick-fil-a to order my meal, and it was a little over $12.00 because I am an obese eater. I knew that I had to grab my debit card with the $50.00 on it. As I pulled up to the window and got ready to pay, the lady at the window informed me that the person ahead of me had taken care of my meal. I smiled so big. I was just looking back at her, like okay... where my food at? She smiled back and replied as if she knew what I was thinking, "Well this is the part where you would pay it forward for the car behind you." I thought about it and said to myself mentally, you know what, Yeah! Let 's do it! So I asked her for the total, and she casually replied, "$38.47", as she handed me my order. We both stared back at each other for a few seconds, and as her smile started to fade, I replied, "This conversation never happened." I drove off. That lady knew damn well I wasn't about to pay triple the amount of what my meal was. She could of at least offered me the option to credit a certain amount towards their meal.

Driving off, as I was eating my fries, I still felt a bit of guilt. To justify my actions, I thought about how I couldn't pay it forward that day, but I could at least PRAY IT FORWARD. And by prayer, asking God for forgiving me for not having the faith to pay for their meal. But that $38.00 meal would have broken me. You know what happens to a broken, broke person? They break down, just like my intermittent car.

There will be times in our lives where people will have expectations of how we should handle a situation. Those people, like the Chick-fil-a lady, may even provide insight, but it is always best to go with your gut instinct. We know what we can and cannot handle and we know that everything happens for a reason in its own due timing. There are many different ways to sow seeds in peoples lives, and there are numerous ways to give back. On the other hand, sometimes all that one needs is faith the size of a mustard seed. I could easily have sowed a seed into the family behind me and expected it back tenfold.

However, I am a firm believer that prayer is more powerful than money. Praying it Forward can triumph monetary value any day of the week, especially on the weeks when you are broke. So broke, that you eat cereal with a fork to save on milk. So while there are people out there paying it forward and posting it online just to be seen, begin to Pray it Forward. No one has to know. It might even be a humbling beginning to a more propersous life.

But for the record, I went back to Chick-fila-A the next day and paid it forward for a meal that cost under $10.00. So I still sowed my seed, and I am still waiting to Reap the benefits! I guess that free chicken biscuit coupon they sent me in the app, was Black Jesus looking out. I was wondering why it took so long, but black Jesus said he couldnt take the wheel because his license was suspended.



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