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One of the most beautiful things in life, in my personal opinion, is the art of cooking.

I love to Cook. During the Hurricane Harvey aftermath, I was staying in Manvel with my brother and my sister in law. On occasion, I would have to drive through Alvin, and I realized I needed to stop by HEB. I wanted to make spaghetti, something quick and easy since I was at work for nine hours and had a two-hour commute to and from work, due to the relocation.

I had never shopped at the Heb in Alvin before, and I could see why. It was very dimly lit, and it looked sketchy from the outside. The inside was even worse because they didn't have all of the ingredients that I needed to make spaghetti. SPAGHETTI, one of the least complicated meals almost anyone could make. They didn't have any meat such as ground meat, Italian sausage or meatballs. They didn't have the packets of seasoning mix to put in spaghetti or garlic bread. I was so pissed, like what the hell did HEB stand for? Here Everybody Broke? They legit had nothing I needed except for the cheese and noodles.  I had to pull up my GPS and locate another HEB about 10 miles away. I drove to the other HEB, and they had the Italian sausage I needed but not the herbs I wanted to use as seasoning. I started to get frustrated and ended up settling for something else and went home to cook.

I realized the same way I was going from store to store searching, was similar to the way we handle people. Sometimes we go people to people for different things.

Think about it, if you have multiple friends, you can share something with each friend, but not EVERYTHING. You can get something from one and need something else from the other and never get the full satisfaction.

We build different styles of relationships with different people. Some people know about our childhood trauma, while others know about our relationship problems in our adulthood. Some people we aren't comfortable with telling every detail about our lives, while others we allow them to know snippets.

At times, we can be so fixated on what we are looking for and wanting; we don't even try to see what a different person, place or thing might have to offer.

When I was at the second HEB that actually had food, I saw all types of seasonings that I never experienced, but I was looking for the kind I was used to. I didn't want to change what I have always used. Don't we do that in people? Something new scares us. Sometimes we don't embrace the idea of trying new things or going outside of our comfort zone. We tend to hold ourselves back and miss out on what could possibly be a good experience.

We build this "type" and seek that type every time, sometimes subconsciously. We tend to be attracted to people who look a certain way, whether it is their race, complexion, hairstyle or a feature we are just automatically drawn to. We trust and put more faith in what we are familiar with. We tend to order the same meal every time we go to restaurants that are typically outside our budget. We have that go to shirt or outfit that we wear to be comfortable when we go out.

If you ever worked in retail, you may have noticed that Spanish speakers who may speak some English, tend to want to receive help from another Spanish speaker. Or sometimes black people, want or seek aid from someone who is also black because they feel they might be taken care of better.

We put faith in what we know, and sometimes we do not trust anything outside of that.

I settled for what I could find at HEB because I was too lazy to drive to another store and it was getting late. When I made that spaghetti, I felt like it wouldn't taste the same, I didn't even test it out before I served it to my family and made my plate.

They LOVED it. They claimed it was the best I had made, thus far. All I did was try a new seasoning. I felt silly for wanting to go store to store just to get the exact thing I've always had. I was in new territory and needed to adapt.

I think we should always try something new, new experiences will help us learn a lot about ourselves. If we continue to limit ourselves and never work to challenge or step out of our comfort zones, we won't be able to expand our knowledge on what we like and don't like.

If you have multiple friends, and can't be real with all of them on the same level, ask yourself why. What confirmation are you seeking from each individual that you cant gain from one?

Find out who you are, try new things and love yourself. Don't panic when the norm isn't presented to you. You weren't born to think inside the box. You are the box, and you can manipulate it by expanding it.

Be more open to new things, be bold, and live your life. Switch things up.

But with that being said, that HEB in Alvin still ain't shit. I will never go there for groceries again. ABORT. DO NOT GO THERE.


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