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7 Reasons Why

The 7 Reasons Why Black People Always Die First In Scary Movies

I believe that we have all watched our fair share of scary movies.

We’ve all seen the opening of a movie, with a woman in the shower. She hears a noise and says, “hello?” And the audience sighs because she gave her location away to the killer. Now imagine a black woman in the shower. She will have her shower cap on and will hear ALL. If she understands anything, it won’t be a hello. It’ll be a goodbye, she will either fight or flight.

Imagine your top ten picks and then try to recall the black character in each those films. Did they die off first? Were they killed towards the beginning or middle of the movie? Yeah, let me clue you in as to why.

We do not play by any of the rules: 
You know those typical ghost stories? Where there is running water, or the doors are slammed or closed behind you while you're brushing your teeth? Yeah, WE don't play that. We would confront it.

"Look here ghost, if you're goin…
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Pray It Forward

Everyone knows the saying, "Do unto others, as you would like them to do unto you." Or "What goes around comes back around."

You might believe in God, or you might believe in Karma. You might even believe in both. I am a firm believer in getting back what you put out into this world.

I have always sowed my seed in church, to my friends and by taking care of both of my parents, and now just my mother. Rest In Peace Daddy. The majority of my expenses have always gone towards food because my parents wanted fast food a lot. My parents were older and were both retired and disabled. It was my duty, to occasionally run errands and grab them bites to eat around my working schedule. Since they were on a fixed income, I always found myself never getting reimbursement for the money I spent. It wasn’t their fault, and If I had to do it all over again, I would.

There have been many circumstances where I had fallen short on cash, and miraculously still managed a way to get throu…

Parental Controls

I have a 64-year-old mother who isn't tech savvy. Surprise Surprise.

 I really wish that they could simplify technology for the older folks out there. The remote control is way too advanced for them. 79 different buttons for them to try and read and then they call you multiple times while you're at work trying to figure out how to "turn the damn tv on."

So I pitched an Idea to a cable company on how they should simplify the guide for our older generation so they could no longer be weary and have some type of independence when it was time for them to find "Family Feud."

Whenever my mother learns technology, she gets super excited. My dad used to be the same way. Once you taught them something over a hundred times, they would finally remember how to do it. And as long as you wrote it down, highlighted it and circled it six times they could never really forget how to do the steps on their own. Then you would save it in your notes, where you put that notebook b…

Pay Or Pray

Me: *Walks through the front door* Mama: Let's go eat at Cracker Barrell, I will pay for our food. Me: Alright, let's go. *Gets in car, starts to back out* Me: Okay, so you're paying? (I ask to Confirm) Mama: No, I said I would Pray for our food. Me: *Starts driving back to the house.* Mama: No you right, OK OK, I pay. She is always scheming to get over on me. LOL

Pat And Might

I had a friend who lived in Dallas. I had known her for quite a while. I knew she had suffered abuse within her family and in many prior relationships. I had a soft spot for her because I knew and understood her hurt and pain. I have always been empathetic towards people who had problems, even ones with issues that I may not have personally experienced. I believe that is why I am taken advantage of from time to time. People see that soft spot, and they try to use you towards their position.

My friend was suffering through hard times. She had lost her transportation and was having a hard time commuting to work. She had to walk to work a few times and realized it would take hours for her to get there. Then she began to ask me to help pay for Uber rides to and from work until she found a more permanent solution. Initially, I didn't see any harm in helping occasionally, but it turned into an everyday thing, then eventually she would have the Uber take her to other stops and my card wo…